5 Steps To Become A Better Employee

Getting attention from your boss can be hard. Getting positive attention from your boss can be even harder. At BestSelf, we’d like to offer some tips and tricks on how to up your employment game.

1. Be Resourceful

You’ve heard the old saying, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question”. While that’s true, there is such a thing as too many questions. If a manager gives an employee a task, the last thing he wants is to be interrupted frequently with follow up questions.  A good idea is to take notes while you’re been given the task! If you’re like me, you can’t just keep everything they say in your head but you don’t want to approach them an hour later asking, “Can you repeat that again?

“It’s not resources but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference” – Tony Robbins

The best case scenario is to figure out what you need to know in order to complete the tasks, ask when you are given the assignment or if that’s not possible, shortly afterwards. But don’t feel like you are banned from asking anything about it ever again, just make sure it’s not constant and it’s not something you could have answered yourself with a bit of research.

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2. Don’t let yourself be Micromanaged!

No one likes to be micromanaged and you’ll know it’s happening to you if your boss feels like they need to hang over your shoulder for every little task and assignment. There are easy things you can do so that it doesn’t happen to you.

Stay on task. Everyone needs to take a quick break from their computer screens but make sure you stand up and walk away so that everyone knows you’re taking a step back. Take advantage of your few minutes to take a lap around the office or go get a drink. That way it’s clear to everyone you’re taking a much needed breather.

If you’re struggling with completing your assignments, talk to your boss when you’re initially given the assignment. Your boss would much rather help you become more efficient than have to stand over your shoulder 24/7.

“Approach them with the problem but also present a solution.”

Finally, when you come across a problem, whether it’s with an angry customer or a situation with spreadsheets, don’t  immediately go to management saying, “Hey here’s the problem…” Instead, approach them with the problem AND a couple solutions that you’ve come up with. That way they don’t feel like they have to solve everything. Even if your solution isn’t what’s chosen to address the problem, at least you’ll have come up with a way to fix it on your own rather than completely relying on someone else.

3. Strive for harmony at home

Studies show that those with harmonious personal lives are more likely to excel in the work force. In his article Why Employees are 12% More Productive, Jonha Revesencio says, “We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings.” BestSelf is all about helping you gain not only peace and harmony at home but in the workforce as well!

4. Embrace the Criticism

We’ve all gotten criticism. None of us like it but positive criticism is a great tool to up your game at work. Think of it this way, if your boss cares enough to sit you down and let you know what you can improve on then it means they care enough about you doing a good job!

Christian Mischler-Cofounder and CMO of HotelQuickly said, “There are always critics and pessimists, at any stage of business…As an entrepreneur in a competitive industry, you have to have a thick skin. It’s important to listen to constructive feedback and to listen to the customer…” Always listen with an open mind and express appreciation for receiving the evaluation.

5. Never Stop Learning

The final step is to never stop learning your craft. You should always be on the lookout to learn more about your profession /skill even if it means learning from a younger coworker or staying late at work. Technology is constantly changing and chances are, your work will be affected by it.

For example, Adobe Creative Cloud is continuously improving their functionality by adding new software for designing. If there’s a chance to learn an even better skill than what you currently have then go for it. You will never regret gaining more knowledge in your field!

Make your boss or coworkers aware that you’re willing to learn more if they’re in a position you’d like to see yourself in some day. Chances are someone would be willingly to lend you a helping hand and your boss will most likely appreciate your continued effort.

There are probably a ton more ideas on what you can do to make yourself stand out in the work force. Most are just as easy to implement. The main thing is be humble and willing to constantly better yourself. Just remember to take it one step at a time.

If you’re looking for even more ways to be your best self, check out our article here about ways being more productive!