Ten Tips on How to Take Notes

Taking notes can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be!

Once you get the structure down and know what to look for, it gets easier. Still the process takes time to implement into your reading habits. To help, here are ten things to remember when taking notes to ease the transition from new note-taker to efficient note-taker!  

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The 411 on Online Courses and How to Crush it

Your graduation gown is pressed and put away.

Your bags are packed and your mom is weeping in the driveway. In other words, you’re headed off to college and with that comes a plethora of opportunities for personal growth, academic achievement, and soul-searching. Many of you will be taking advantage of the convenience of online classes, either as your entire schedule or for a few classes. So are you ready?

Accepting the Challenge of College Life

How will you answer the call?

When fresh-faced 18-year-olds head out to college, they’re usually feeling a slew of emotions — from the rush and excitement of being on their own, to fear of the pressure coming their way. College life is a challenge, but not only because of the academic excellence that is expected of students.

How to Turn What You Read into What You Do

Use your knowledge or lose it.

Reading, note-taking, planning, and discussion are all great things. They come with a catch though. The catch is if you don’t do anything with all the information you are gathering then nothing will happen. You have to apply all of the amazing ideas to your everyday life or the consequence is- they mean nothing. If you feel like you aren’t applying, let’s get started, right now!