7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness (And How They Form a Path to a Healthy, Happy, and Balanced Life)

Feeling overwhelmed, unhappy and stressed are common feelings experienced by most adults these days. There’s so much going on that it seems impossible to achieve peace of mind.

People juggle numerous and sometimes conflicting priorities: the need to improve performance at work, spend quality time with family, exercise, keep the house clean, run errands, nurture friendships, read books, volunteer in their community, meditate, keep on top of emails — the list goes on.

Then there are the unexpected distractions: people dropping by the office at work, family members asking for help with chores and errands, friends reaching out to make plans or ask for help, and the constant onslaught of news and media messages and advertisements.

Unfortunately, most of these distractions stand in the way of personal wellness, which is the state of being in and striving for good health. Although wellness is often conflated with physical health, there are actually 7 dimensions of wellness:

  1. Physical Wellness
  2. Emotional Wellness
  3. Social Wellness
  4. Intellectual Wellness
  5. Spiritual Wellness
  6. Environmental Wellness
  7. Occupational Wellness
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How to Use a Productivity Planner to Accomplish Your Most Important Work Each Day

How to Use a Productivity Planner to Accomplish Your Most Important Work Each Day

As an entrepreneur, does the following scenario sound familiar?

You start the day bright and early, coffee in hand and a list of tasks spread out before you. You’re feeling unstoppable, ready to crush your to-do list. But then, the phone rings. It’s a client, asking if they can add a few new things to the project you agreed upon. That call runs for an hour, and by then it’s already 10 am, practically lunch, so there’s no harm in taking a few minutes to read your favorite productivity blog (because, hey, if you’re reading about productivity it’s not procrastinating, right?).