Ten Questions To Help You Find Out What You Learned Today

What lesson did you learn today?

Every day we have countless experiences. The activities we engage in, people we talk to, and feelings we have are all opportunities for growth. These lessons can be hard to see, and even if we do see them, it can be hard to distill into a single actionable idea. Finding the deeper meaning can feel like the jurisdiction of deep thinkers, visionaries, authors, or philosophers. But the ability to glean insight, even from the most mundane situations, is something anyone can do. It doesn’t require unparalleled creativity. All it takes is a properly inquisitive mindset and the right questions.

5 Incredible TED Performances With Meaningful Messages

What would you stand up and speak for?

These TED talks are some of the most mesmerizing and entertaining from the stage. They also express incredible ideas that can have a lasting impact on how we see the world and how we live our lives. These talks show us the art behind the absurd, the possibility of what you can do if you believe in yourself. How changing perceptions opens us up to possibilities that help us grow, understand, and even forgive.

These Are The Productivity Skills You’ve Been Missing

The basic education missing from every school.  

Being productive is something we’re expected to be from the moment we enter education to the day we die. Yet, theories and skills needed to be productive remain absent from our formative years. If we’re lucky, some of these skills develop over time.  We learn the hard way about time management. Get a few nods on how to achieve goals. This gives us a small insight into what we need to do to find success. Yet, despite our best efforts most of us never find the same success we see top performers achieving. We sit for days on end, frustratingly trying to figure out what they’re doing different, and coming up short. It’s like they instinctively know something you don’t!

what is a manifesto

What Is A Manifesto And Why You Should Have One

How are you making decisions in your life?

Every day is an endless stream of decisions and choices. From simple things like, “What we do when we wake up in the morning?”, or “What we are going to wear out?”. To the difficult things like, “Are we going to stay at this job?”, or “How we are we going to deal with this relationship?”. Each option taken, road traveled, and person met reinforces our perceptions who we are. Despite this, the question we rarely ask ourselves is, how are we making those choices? By whose standards and what values are we allowing the course of our lives to be directed? Are we in control or is someone else?

accountability through self reflection

Accountability Through Self-Reflection: Two Practices To Connect With Yourself

Self-reflection reveals what we want most.

It’s also a powerful accountability tool that identifies where we can improve. All it requires is a little quality time spent with yourself. In this post, you get everything you need to start a self-reflection habit in just two simple practices. They are even adjustable as time and your goals progress!