10 Mindfulness Quotes to Improve Happiness, Sharpen Your Focus & Eliminate Stress

10 Mindfulness Quotes to Improve Happiness, Sharpen Your Focus & Eliminate Stress

Are you struggling to find inner peace and happiness? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious? Are you failing to meet your goals even though you feel like you’re working 24/7?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you probably have too much on your mind. Feeling overwhelmed is a common complaint and a prototypical roadblock to achieving personal and professional success. Instead of feeling clear-headed and using your time to accomplish goals effectively, you’re wasting much of your mental capacity worrying about the past or future and devoting your precious attention to the wrong people or activities.

How to Set SMART Goals (Plus a Free SMART Goals Template)

How to Set SMART Goals (Plus a Free SMART Goals Template)

If you want to get things done, you must set goals. Without goals, you’re just going to flounder without a reliable gauge of whether you’re making progress or not. Setting goals is the first step toward getting what you want out of your career and your life.

But as it turns out, just setting goals, any goals, isn’t enough. While having a goal tends to be better than not having one, you need to make sure you set goals in a way that will guarantee progress and eventual success. Yes, the way you set goals matters as much as the goals themselves. In other words, you need a goal-setting framework.

Issue 22: 1/4 Into 2017… Are You Where You Want To Be?


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It’s officially April which means…

We’re 93 days into 2017.

That’s 25% of the year.

Now’s the time to kick into high gear and make the most out of the rest of the year. You’ve gotten warmed up and set your goals. You’re motivated and you’re mentally prepared.

All that’s left is to take consistent daily action towards your goal.

But that’s also the toughest part.

That’s why we want

Issue 21: Are You Practicing The Dark Art of Procrastination?

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We’ve got big news: We’re hiring (again)!

We’re on the search for a Marketing/Advertising Champion to join our team –  a marketing machine who’s ready for their next challenge.

Hiring Marketing Champion

We know you already love our BestSelf Co. products, so you’ve got that requirement down BUT before you read any further:

Are you someone who loves marketing, advertising, and being

Issue 18: Start Your Days Right… From The Night Before

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Morning routines are talked about a lot because they help us set the tone for the rest of the day. They’re important. We’ve spent years perfecting our own morning routines.

But some days, our morning routines just don’t go that well. We sleep in past our alarm or we wake up stressed and disoriented. This left us scratching our heads wondering what we could do to make sure we’re

Issue 17: No Matter What, Keep Moving Forward



BestSelf Co. had its first team retreat in the Poconos! All 7 team members from 6 cities met up for a 3-day cottage retreat. Having a remote team is awesome because we can all work from anywhere but only seeing each other on video calls each week just isn’t the same as having 1-1 in person time. It gave us the opportunity to bond, have fun, and plan out the future of BestSelf Co.