what is a manifesto

What is a Manifesto and Why You Should Have One

How are you making decisions in your life?

Every day is an endless stream of decisions and choices. From simple things like, “What we do when we wake up in the morning?”, or “What we are going to wear out?”. To the difficult things like, “Are we going to stay at this job?”, or “How we are we going to deal with this relationship?”. Each option taken, road traveled, and person met reinforces our perceptions who we are. Despite this, the question we rarely ask ourselves is, how are we making those choices? By whose standards and what values are we allowing the course of our lives to be directed? Are we in control or is someone else?

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Need Motivation To Start That Digital Detox?

As we enter into 2017, many are looking for ways to change the way we live. While it’s easy to make general statements about wanting to be happier or healthier in the new year, what is one thing everyone can do today to make this happen? The first step may be no further away than your smartphone being used to read this article. Taking the time to do a digital detox is a step in