What To Do When Your Plan Isn’t Just Working

We’ve all had setbacks. From regretting how many kids you invited to your child’s birthday party, to volunteering for an assignment that you don’t think you can complete, they’re the type of experiences that are just a part of life. So how do you identify when your goal just isn’t working and what do you do when you realize it? From meditation tips to reconsidering your goals, BestSelf has the backup plan you’re looking for.

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Recreating Life After Illness & Bereavement


Dee’s SELF Journal has helped her recreate her life after illness and bereavement.

I used to be a research scientist.

It was all I ever wanted to be. And after three degrees and a PhD, I was deep into my dream job as a protein engineer trying to find the marker for cirrhosis.

Then I was diagnosed with cancer. 

The 5 Things You Have To Do When You Fail At Something Big

There’s no way to sugarcoat the heartbreaking, stomach-dropping feeling we get when we fail at something big. Especially when it’s something we’re deeply passionate about. Something we believed in wholeheartedly. Something that we gave our time, sleep, money and souls for.

What’s worse is living in an age where everyone seems to be boasting about their success.