Goal Setting Quick Guide by Best Self Co.

A goal setting formula to finally succeed!

Goal setting is a tricky thing. Best laid plans fall apart if you don’t have all the components in place. When every step seems to be the wrong one it can be downright frustrating. That’s why you need a solid road map that will take you to the end goal. A map that, once in place, allows you to follow the simple path you’ve laid out.
Are you ready to start achieving the life-changing goal you’ve been setting aside?
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Direct and Indirect Goals

Focus on what you can control.

This commonly given advice is popular when we feel overwhelmed with our lives. Whether it’s at home, or at work. This happens when challenges and things we want are the decision of others- a boss, a spouse, or in some cases even a child. Everything exerts some kind of control over you, your time, and so your life. This struggle of time and decision centers around our topic for the day- the concept of Direct and Indirect Goals.

What’s Really Holding You Back From Being Productive?

So much has been written on productivity habits. We have been given lists of the best apps to get us to work and articles on the mornings of the most successful people in the world. We are told that waking up early is best and that multitasking will make us less productive.

We could read all of these productivity tips and still fail to be productive. Much like losing weight, we know

Out With The Old & In With The New: A Comprehensive Guide to Ditching Your Goal

Giving up comes with negative connotations. Even when considering writing about this topic my emotional self kept trying to think of a way to twist it so I could explain how to avoid giving up anything, especially a goal. It seemed to go against my grain to say, “Yeah, that’s ok. You can say sayonara to that goal if you really want to”. But my research tells me that, not only is it ok,