It’s Time To Ditch Multi-Tasking: How To Improve Your Productivity Through Time Blocking

With more options, comes more stress.

In our lives, we rarely ever interact with single functionality technology anymore. Each piece of technology we use comes with so many options of what we could do with it. When we open our laptops to write a report, it’s not like using a typewriter. We’re not limited by our laptops to just write. Instead, we can also check our email, pull together that presentation, and make plans for dinner… all while “writing that report”.

The Dark Art of Procrastination

Updating your Facebook, exploring the first seven pages of Reddit, and impulse buying a hammock on Amazon probably wasn’t on your most recent project’s to-do list. But for many, procrastination has become part of the experience of completing a project. Thankfully, moderate procrastination is manageable and more of a nuisance. For some, however, procrastination can become destructive and costly.

Start Achieving Your Goals: 6 Time Management Strategies

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright hard, especially without proper time management. Many entrepreneurs don’t see as much success as they would like or they end up completely failing because their goals weren’t being met.

Although it may seem easier to just give up and change your goal, it’s best to change your plan – not your goal. Setting effective