Issue 08: Moving Forward

Core News

Last week we had our first ever Black Friday/Cyber Monday since we started BestSelf Co. It marks the first every holiday season for us and we have some exciting stuff ahead for you including some great content we’re working on to get you set up for 2017. We are committed to helping you crush it!

We’ve been hearing some incredible stories of how people like you are reaching incredible goals. It’s stories like that that makes us proud of what we do – so share away!

But the even cooler thing was how many of you joined us in the SELF Mastery Academy. And all the progress through the courses you guys have made since then.

BestSelf SELF Mastery Academy

If you didn’t get the chance join us on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you can still get in on the action! You won’t believe what you can achieve once you’ve learned and applied the strategies, tools, and methodologies we teach you.

So all in all, from the entire BestSelf team, we’d like to say thank you for making this year’s Black Friday amazing. (And you’re going to be so excited for what we’ve got for you this winter holiday!)


Featured Find

Many of you are (or aspiring to be) entrepreneurs. We’re guessing you (rightly) focus on creating a great product and a great brand. And we’re guessing that you’re probably not interested in doing all the boring stuff like managing sales and inventory.

We’ve got a solution for you! Now, as you know, the highlight of our past summer was winning the 2016 Shopify Build-A-Business Competition. So we’re a bit biased but seriously, the longer we use Shopify, the more we love it.

Shopify Logo

If you’re an entrepreneur building any type of e-commerce business, Shopify is the platform to use. It’s a no-brainer. Any product that you could be selling – clothing, CDs, your own art – Shopify will make it easy for you to get your business up and running.

You won’t have to worry about processing sales, managing inventory, or any of the other difficult boring business logistics – because Shopify can take care of all of it for you. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about designing your storefront. Shopify has tons of designer templates so you can literally set up your store and start selling in minutes.

We love Shopify and we love you guys – so we know you’ll love it too!


New Stuff

With 2016 about to end, you’re in one of two camps. You’ve either smashed it and want to up the ante, or you’re frustrated you’re not further ahead. Either way, you’re determined to make 2017 exceptional. And that means creating a strategic overview now – so you can visualise how the next 12 months must pan out.

2017 Wall Calendar

Use the 2017 Wall Calendar to create your big picture vision and capture your deadlines, projects, and priorities at a glance.

– Dual Orientation (double-sided)
– Dry Erase or Uncoated options
-Worldwide friendly


Customer Stories

Noah Rasheta is the host of the Secular Buddhism Podcast and now also…

The author of his new book Secular Buddhism: Eastern Thought for Western Minds.

His book has reached Amazon’s Buddhism Top 3 Bestsellers list!

First of all, we’d like to give a huge congratulations to Noah for his achievement. This is huge.

Check out his book here.

BestSelf Noah SELF Journal Testimonial

Noah sent us an awesome email about the role the SELF Journal played in achieving his goal. It’s an inspiring story that we’d like to share with you all so here’s Noah’s story:

“I had been toying with the idea of writing a book but for the past year but it felt like such a daunting task. When I purchased my Self Journal, I immediately wrote down the goal to “write a book”. I was able to break this down into smaller actionable tasks and before I knew it…the book was done! Today, my book “Secular Buddhism: Eastern Thought for Western Minds” is one of the top 3 bestselling books on Amazon for Buddhism. I’m so grateful for my Self Journal because it kept me on track to accomplish something that I had been wanting to do for so long.”


So again, congratulations to Noah for achieving his big goal and check out his book here!


And if you have an inspiring story of your own, we’d love to hear it! Tell us your story.