Expressing Your Best Self: Are you speaking the language of success?

When we think of communication, we often think of verbal communication. But often our words are subverted by an even more powerful form of communication. A turn of the head, an unintended grimace or a sigh of relief can undermine even our most sincere words.

Our body language is one of the most powerful ways we speak to one another. Are you truly aware of

Issue 22: 1/4 Into 2017… Are You Where You Want To Be?


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It’s officially April which means…

We’re 93 days into 2017.

That’s 25% of the year.

Now’s the time to kick into high gear and make the most out of the rest of the year. You’ve gotten warmed up and set your goals. You’re motivated and you’re mentally prepared.

All that’s left is to take consistent daily action towards your goal.

But that’s also the toughest part.

That’s why we want

Meditation: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

We’ve all heard of meditation. It’s when you’re supposed to sit really still and not think about anything for an appointed amount of time (easy right?), but is it worth it?

How do we know if we’re even doing it properly? If you’re like us, you’re probably a bit skeptical. Why should I meditate? What’s the big deal? For us, meditation seemed to come up over and over again from people we trusted so we decided to find out once and for all.

Issue 21: Are You Practicing The Dark Art of Procrastination?

Core News

We’ve got big news: We’re hiring (again)!

We’re on the search for a Marketing/Advertising Champion to join our team –  a marketing machine who’s ready for their next challenge.

Hiring Marketing Champion

We know you already love our BestSelf Co. products, so you’ve got that requirement down BUT before you read any further:

Are you someone who loves marketing, advertising, and being

Why Exercise Should Be Top Priority — If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

Exercise trends come and go before we have time to master the new workout. Yet, the one trend that never dies is exercise for success. When we’re focused on our goals we can find it difficult to do anything else. We could be focusing on our dream job, an important project or our start-up. When this happens, we can start believing that we don’t have the time. We could

The Dark Art of Procrastination

Updating your Facebook, exploring the first seven pages of Reddit, and impulse buying a hammock on Amazon probably wasn’t on your most recent project’s to-do list. But for many, procrastination has become part of the experience of completing a project. Thankfully, moderate procrastination is manageable and more of a nuisance. For some, however, procrastination can become destructive and costly.

Issue 18: Start Your Days Right… From The Night Before

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Morning routines are talked about a lot because they help us set the tone for the rest of the day. They’re important. We’ve spent years perfecting our own morning routines.

But some days, our morning routines just don’t go that well. We sleep in past our alarm or we wake up stressed and disoriented. This left us scratching our heads wondering what we could do to make sure we’re

Issue 17: No Matter What, Keep Moving Forward



BestSelf Co. had its first team retreat in the Poconos! All 7 team members from 6 cities met up for a 3-day cottage retreat. Having a remote team is awesome because we can all work from anywhere but only seeing each other on video calls each week just isn’t the same as having 1-1 in person time. It gave us the opportunity to bond, have fun, and plan out the future of BestSelf Co.