Issue 18: Start Your Days Right… From The Night Before

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Morning routines are talked about a lot because they help us set the tone for the rest of the day. They’re important. We’ve spent years perfecting our own morning routines.

But some days, our morning routines just don’t go that well. We sleep in past our alarm or we wake up stressed and disoriented. This left us scratching our heads wondering what we could do to make sure we’re

Issue 17: No Matter What, Keep Moving Forward



BestSelf Co. had its first team retreat in the Poconos! All 7 team members from 6 cities met up for a 3-day cottage retreat. Having a remote team is awesome because we can all work from anywhere but only seeing each other on video calls each week just isn’t the same as having 1-1 in person time. It gave us the opportunity to bond, have fun, and plan out the future of BestSelf Co.

Out With The Old & In With The New: A Comprehensive Guide to Ditching Your Goal

Giving up comes with negative connotations. Even when considering writing about this topic my emotional self kept trying to think of a way to twist it so I could explain how to avoid giving up anything, especially a goal. It seemed to go against my grain to say, “Yeah, that’s ok. You can say sayonara to that goal if you really want to”. But my research tells me that, not only is it ok,

Issue 16: The Key To Being Your Best Self

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Sometimes we set goals only to realize a few weeks in that it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe our priorities of changed, or maybe the goal we’d set wasn’t in line with what we want to achieve.

It can be difficult to ditch our goals… it seems like we’re giving up. But sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do to be our best self and achieve success.

Either way, we’re faced with a

Things to do in the morning - and at night - to set yourself up for a great day

15 Things To Do In The Morning And At Night To Have An Awesome Day

You’re probably aware that morning routines are critical to your productivity and well-being. Understanding the things to do in the morning that set up your day for success matter; your morning habits and activities set your mood, energy level and mindset for the rest of your day.

This is important because your daily actions accumulate, determining what you accomplish in the long-run. If you want to become the person you desire and live your dream life, you need to take the right actions every day.

6 Time Management Strategies to Start Achieving Your Goals

Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy road. In fact, it can be a downright difficult one, especially without proper time management strategies. Many entrepreneurs never realize as much success as they would like or end up completely fail because they couldn’t meet their goals.

Although it may seem easier to just give up or change your goal, a better approach is to change the approach you use to reach your goals. What you need, in other words, are effective time management strategies, which are among the most critical aspects of achieving better results as an entrepreneur.