13 Things To Do Every Night To Feel Amazing Every Morning

When our days are already over-scheduled, having a to-do list to get done before bed can feel daunting. It is as if another portion of our day is being over-booked, especially when the things we schedule we do because we have no other choice. The things we ought to do before bed, however, should be ones that make us feel better and make our lives easier.

There’s much that we can do before bed. We won’t be able to do every single thing on this list every night but neither do we want to look back on our days and ask ourselves where the time went. We don’t want to spend every night doing the same thing — watching television and witnessing other people’s dreams come to life.

More than another to-do list, the following is a guide on how you can end your days on a high note and start your mornings on the right foot, so you can feel rested, in the moment and on track to your goals.

1. Get your bedroom smelling right.

Start with an easy one by indulging in your sensory experience. A sweet-smelling scented candle or essential oil will get you to forget about your chaotic day and unwind more easily. Some of the most popular scents known to encourage relaxation and sleep are vanilla, jasmine or valerian (which is also known to reduce anxiety) or find the scent that you love.

2. Prep for the next day.

One way to feel calmer in the morning is by making fewer decisions. You can do this by laying out your clothes the night before — down to the shoes and the accessories you’ll wear. Get your documents and gadgets ready to go too. This way, you will look sharp and have everything you need, without much effort first thing in the morning.

3. Jot down what you’re grateful for.

Even on your worst day, you can always find one thing that you’re grateful for. Research has shown how gratitude improves the quality of life. It’s that which gives us hope. It keeps us in check no matter how much of a failure or a success we feel at the time and it enables us to go through our day and reflect on it. This way, it’s not just another busy day. You don’t have to write pages, one sentence a day in your journal is enough.

4. Bathe and lotion.

You can find calmness in the bathroom, especially if there are no gadgets in sight. Fill the bath with the scent you love, get in and watch your mind wander in a million directions and your muscles relax.

5. Read something inspiring.

There are a slew of things you can read to inspire you creatively, help you achieve your goals or think differently. You can choose to read classic literary pieces or contemporary fiction. You can read interviews or online articles. We can never read enough and only by reading the best material can we become better in that which we want to excel in.

6. Remove the gadgets.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your online time. Being constantly online, however, can stop you from hearing that creative inner voice.The latter needs you to be still, to daydream and to do nothing, so that your ideas, your concerns, and your goals can start to form.

7. Spend time with the ones you love.

At the end of the day, they are the ones that make life worth living. Go for a long walk without any gadgets and have meaningful conversations. Message a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or have a proper dinner with your loved ones without phones and other gadgets in sight.

8. Unwind with yoga and meditation.

Create a calming stillness in your mind with a short yoga and meditation session. You could find poses that address your back pain, your anxiety or other issues you may have. Moreover, meditation can help you to focus on the present, ease your stress, and enable you to be more focused for the next day.

9. Laugh!

You can’t let a day go by and not laugh. Find what makes you laugh out loud, whether it is a writer, a comedy sketch or memes and raise your energy vibration.

Think of something you want to achieve the next day – Even a mental note could help in getting you geared for the next day and ready to act first thing in the morning. You can decide to go for a run when you wake up, instead of browsing on social media or prepare to work on your personal project, besides those of your clients.

10. Do something you love

…something that gives you meaning and do it without feeling any sense of guilt. You could dedicate some time to your blog or take your dog for a walk. You could try and learn the piano as you’ve been promising yourself to do or simply lie in bed and daydream.

11. Track your progress.

The journey towards our goals often feels like a long way to go but by tracking your progress every night, you will remind yourself how much you have achieved and how much you have left to go. This way, you’ll end your day knowing that you’ve already achieved so much.

12. Daydream.

The act of daydreaming is such a powerful tool to ignite inspiration. Famous writers including Ernest Hemingway would take long walks, so their mind could wander and they could finish their stories.

13. Finally, look at the sky because it’ll put everything into perspective.

Whether you’re feeling on top of the world or an utter mess, it’s good to remember that there are far bigger things in the world. It is a way to remember what’s really important at the end of the day.


There you have it, some of the best ways you can end your day on a high note. Which one will you be starting with? Share your thoughts below!


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