Subverting 3 Social Constructs Destroying Your Self-Worth

Change your mindset and break through barriers!

Subversion of ideas is a powerful tool we can use to turn a negative into a positive in almost every situation. When it comes to self-worth and confidence this can be a monumentally beneficial and imperative practice. The social landscape we live in is littered with confidence destroying landmines from social media sites to youtube, and everything in between. The ability for anyone to tear us down with various degrees of anonymity is higher than ever. To combat this some of the worst social faux pas have evolved in a way that allows them to be more healthy and even absolute necessities for maintaining balance in the world today.

Ten Questions To Help You Find Out What You Learned Today

What lesson did you learn today?

Every day we have countless experiences. The activities we engage in, people we talk to, and feelings we have are all opportunities for growth. These lessons can be hard to see, and even if we do see them, it can be hard to distill into a single actionable idea. Finding the deeper meaning can feel like the jurisdiction of deep thinkers, visionaries, authors, or philosophers. But the ability to glean insight, even from the most mundane situations, is something anyone can do. It doesn’t require unparalleled creativity. All it takes is a properly inquisitive mindset and the right questions.

These Are The Productivity Skills You’ve Been Missing

The basic education missing from every school.  

Being productive is something we’re expected to be from the moment we enter education to the day we die. Yet, theories and skills needed to be productive remain absent from our formative years. If we’re lucky, some of these skills develop over time.  We learn the hard way about time management. Get a few nods on how to achieve goals. This gives us a small insight into what we need to do to find success. Yet, despite our best efforts most of us never find the same success we see top performers achieving. We sit for days on end, frustratingly trying to figure out what they’re doing different, and coming up short. It’s like they instinctively know something you don’t!