Five Compelling Reasons To Start Your Journaling Practice TODAY

When you commit to a journaling practice, you’re in great company. Everyone from Einstein, to Marie Curie, to Mark Twain poured their thoughts into notebooks. Journaling is the act of reflecting on your life, your thoughts, your ideas, and your…

Amanda Bucci Self Journal

Amanda Bucci’s Inside Look On How She Uses The SELF Journal To Win The Day

How do you SELF journal?

Amanda Bucci is a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur who helps people find their unique voices on social media, and enhance their lives through fitness. We couldn’t be more excited to get an inside look at how the journal helps her through the day and keeps her centered!

Ten Questions To Help You Find Out What You Learned Today

What lesson did you learn today?

Every day we have countless experiences. The activities we engage in, people we talk to, and feelings we have are all opportunities for growth. These lessons can be hard to see, and even if we do see them, it can be hard to distill into a single actionable idea. Finding the deeper meaning can feel like the jurisdiction of deep thinkers, visionaries, authors, or philosophers. But the ability to glean insight, even from the most mundane situations, is something anyone can do. It doesn’t require unparalleled creativity. All it takes is a properly inquisitive mindset and the right questions.